Retail salespeople want to make a great salary and be among the top performers, but how does a salesperson get to the top? There are only 3 ways to sell more: seeing more customers, increasing your closing rate, or raising your average sales-ticket price. And the bonus question for the store owner is: will this salesperson's gain be reflected in the bottom line of the entire store?

This reminds me of a story ...

I was looking at the salespeoples performance chart for one of my customers, and saw that a middle-performing salesperson suddenly jumped to be the top performer. When I congratulated him, I asked what had changed. He replied that 'when the sharks are away, I can sell'! In other words, without the aggressive salespeople there was a 'fair' sales-floor where a talented salesperson could excel.

I noticed that this was an on-going pattern - when certain aggressive salespeople were on vacation, the store revenues remained high but with different top-performers.

A bigger slice

Usually, the easiest way for salespeople to increase their sales is to take sales away from the other salespeople. I call this, taking a bigger slice from the same pie. Salespeople can do this by rushing faster to answer the phone or outrunning and outsmarting other salespeople to greet a new customer at the front door, or cherry-picking the best customers.

Are the overly aggressive salespeople really generating more happy customers and increasing the overall revenues of the store? Do they really have the highest closing rate and the highest average selling price? How do we know exactly what contributes to increased revenues?

A bigger pie

A store owner/manager wants to make the pie bigger, where everyone gets a bigger slice. This is the goal of SalesManager (SaM).

SaM - the ultimate upsystem, helps salespeople, managers and owners to make better decisions to increase revenues. They will know when to spend more time with customers, which yields happier customers and higher average sales-ticket prices. They will also know when the store is crowded with customers, so they should sell quickly to avoid making new customers wait. Salespeople are also encouraged to look for unattended customers.

This 'proper' sales behavior leads to more return-customers and higher closing rates. This is the modern way of selling, when technology is a key enabler to business success.