Have you ever witnessed the moment when you try to convey your point to someone, they initially disagree and then suddenly you can see in their eyes that “they got it”?

Personally I enjoy tremendously this moment. It happened to me again recently when I was training a new furniture retail customer on SalesManager, our upsystem for retail floors. Please allow me to share this experience with you.

I was explaining to salespeople how SalesManager (SaM) rotates sales staff in an intelligent way, and the answer was: 'But that's not how our old system works'.

The old-way of doing things

It’s interesting to me to see that salespeople think the same way, irrelevant of the store size or geographic location. Salespeople know and understand the good and bad aspects of their current system (you would expect so, wouldn’t you?). They spent countless hours trying to maximize their own salary, with the information they have about the business, the other salespeople, and the customers in the store. They need to know how much time they can afford to dedicate to a customer to make the sale. This means understanding what days and times the store will be busy.

Simply, salespeople want to sell to as many customers as possible, and of course want to 'beat' the other salespeople and be the top-performer and the top-earner. And they want to achieve these objectives based on information they know or think they know, and a lot on what they do not know at all, and that is where SaM comes in.

When I describe the upsystem SaM, I can see the salespeople's minds thinking about how they can use this new system to increase their sales. At first, they look for the weaknesses that they can exploit. And when they don't see weaknesses, they get worried.

Knowledge is power - Eureka

Then they realize that this upsystem gives them much more real-time information about the activities in the store, which they can leverage to their advantage. This is the Eureka moment!

They realize that SaM will enable them to know when to spend more time with existing customer and when to rush off to the next customer, at which rate new customers are entering the store and when they are likely to find 'overflow' customers floating around the store.

Every time it’s amazing to see that the sharpest and best salespeople start off as the most critical, and then become the strongest advocates of this new upsystem.

Technology enables growth

Technology is here to support retailers to be more efficient and increase their revenues. Take advantage of it! Get quick results with the user-friendly SaM upsystem

Have you experienced any Eureka moment recently?