The search for perfection in coffee and sales has many similarites. In both cases one must start with great beans and great salespeople, then follow a carefully constructed process, measure the results, and make incremental improvements.


Let's first dive deeper into my hobby - espresso/latte coffee. Beans are best 1-3 weeks after roasting - otherwise garbage in, garbage out. Then the beans need to be weighed - I use an electronic scale, ground fresh, and tamped with 40 pounds of pressure. The espresso machine ideally pulls a shot in 30 seconds with hot water at 9 atmospheres of pressure. Simultaneously one froths the milk, and then pours the latte art. If the shot is under or over extracted, one changes the grind size and makes another shot. If any steps are done incorrectly, best to throw the cup away and start again. The perfect blend of science, art, and attention to detail.


Great retail sales depends foremost on a great sales team. One needs to accurately measure each salesperson's performance, yielding valuable feedback to improve the salespeople and the sales process. Software that runs the salesfloor smoothly and fairly keeps salespeople happy and working at their best, and minimizes employee turnover. If a salesperson loses a sale, one analyzes what went wrong in order to improve and raise the sales close-rate. Since it's expensive (in advertising dollars) to get a customer to walk in the door, mistakes that prevent the sale are expensive - like throwing away a bad cup of coffee. When a salesperson makes a sale, we learn what was done correctly and continue on this path.

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